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Seat Belts in Maryland

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The Maryland Accident Lawyer reports Maryland ranks 9th nationally in the use of seat belts.  

Who is stopping Maryland from climbing to #1?  Teenagers, truck drivers, men (particularly in rural parts of Maryland)  pick-up truck drivers, people who are drinking and, inexplicably, people driving at night wear seat belts less often than the rest of us.

New Trial Ordered in After Defense Verdict

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A Texas judge ordered a new trial after a defense verdict in a car accident lawsuit in Jefferson County, Texas.  

Interestingly, the judge offered no explanation why a new trial was warranted.  Judges usually have pretty specific reasons for granting a new trial.  The article summarizing the case was not entirely clear on the details of the grounds under which Plaintiff sought a new trial.   It is particularly surprising in a case involving a unsafe lane change because it is typically a question of fact for the jury.

Baltimore City Circuit Court Opening

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The Baltimore Injury Lawyer Blog reports that there is an opening on the Baltimore City Circuit Court.