Getting 911 Tapes in Baltimore City

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Evidence of a 911 call can be a game changer in a Maryland car accident case.  First, the fact alone that a call was made can be important in some cases.  But, more significantly, the defendant often makes the call and says thing in the heat of the moment that he/she may later recant.   In Baltimore City, you can get a 911 call by sending a fax to 410-984-7024.  Their address is: 

Information Retrieval Unit      
242 West 29th Street                                              
Baltimore, Maryland 21211

In a related/unrelated story, The American Journal of Emergency Medicine published an article on Baltimore City 911 calls, finding that a new strategy helped slow repeated unnecessary 911 calls, which drain manpower and resources of the City's emergency medical services.   A pilot program that identified Baltimore City's top 911 callers and coupled them with a case worker has succeeded in drastically cutting the number of such calls while helping callers get proper care.

Moral of the story: by continuing to try, we can find better solutions to Baltimore's most vexing problems.  

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