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Getting 911 Tapes in Baltimore City

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Evidence of a 911 call can be a game changer in a Maryland car accident case.  First, the fact alone that a call was made can be important in some cases.  But, more significantly, the defendant often makes the call and says thing in the heat of the moment that he/she may later recant.   In Baltimore City, you can get a 911 call by sending a fax to 410-984-7024.  Their address is: 

Information Retrieval Unit      
242 West 29th Street                                              
Baltimore, Maryland 21211

In a related/unrelated story, The American Journal of Emergency Medicine published an article on Baltimore City 911 calls, finding that a new strategy helped slow repeated unnecessary 911 calls, which drain manpower and resources of the City's emergency medical services.   A pilot program that identified Baltimore City's top 911 callers and coupled them with a case worker has succeeded in drastically cutting the number of such calls while helping callers get proper care.

Moral of the story: by continuing to try, we can find better solutions to Baltimore's most vexing problems.  

Social Security Liens in Accident Cases

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Social Security liens seems to be a difficult beast to beast for Maryland car accident lawyers to get their mind around.  They can be tricky and you can't screw it up: the client's rights to benefits are at risk.  

A starting point is the Social Security Release of Information form, which if completed and sent in, SSA will provide the types and amounts of benefits the client receives, which will make identifying potential lien holders easier. Here is a link to the form.

This is one Social Security subrogation lien fact that I think a lot of accident lawyers do not fully appreciate in wrongful death cases:  there is no right of subrogation from Social Security for survivor's benefits.