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Property Damage Claims: The Bad News

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I was talking to a potential client today who suffered a pretty serious car accident while already facing some existing challenges.  I help people for a living.  So I like being able to tell people in trouble, "I got this. We can solve your problems."

I can't do this on property damage cases.  The reality is the law is such that more often than not, injury victims with significant property damage or a total loss to their vehicle are going to get a raw deal.  Our lawyers can often turn that raw deal into a medium-rare deal (or something like that).  But with respect to the property damage, if justice is getting the car back to where it was before the accident, injustice will outperform justice. 

Our firm handles only (serious) personal injury claims.  So even if you have the world's best property damage case, our lawyers will not be able to help you if you are not hurt.  But if you have a  question about a property damage claim, drop us a line and we will try to give you our thoughts.