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Car Accident Lawsuit Loans

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On our Maryland car accident website, we write about the perils of lawsuit loans in Maryland auto accident cases. 

Medical Malpractice After a Car Accident

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What if a doctor commits medical malpractice on a patient while treating the patient for injuries from a car accident in Maryland?  The driver is liable not only for the plaintiff's direct injuries but also for any additional harm resulting from medical providers rendering aid, regardless of whether the treatment is proper or a negligent manner. 

The reasoning behind this Maryland rule is that the at fault driver by his actions put the plaintiff in a position of danger and should be held accountable for the risks inherent in treating the plaintiff's injuries.  Of course, the at-fault driver in an auto accident where there is subsequent medical malpractice can bring a claim against the negligent doctor or health care provider for contribution.  But I have never seen or heard of this happening.