How Fast Was the Driver Going Before the Accident?

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I read a bar journal in Maine today that provided some good links of some of the literature that is out there to try to determine how fast a driver was doing at the time of impact in a car accident:

 Baker and Fricke's The Traffic Accident Investigation Manual, Northwestern University Traffic Institute (ed. 1986).

- Thomas Bohan's and Arthur DaMasks' Forensic Accident Investigation Motor Vehicles, (1995), which includes an introduction to vehicle accident physics, speed calculations and computer-generated images.

- Daily's Fundamentals of Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Institute of Police Technology and Management University of North Florida (1988), the text utilized by the state of Maine.

 Watts, Atkinson & Hennessy's Low Speed Automobile Accident Reconstruction and Occupant Kinematics Dynamics and Biomechanics, (1996).

- Armentrout's Physics Applied to Accident Reconstruction, Maine College of Physics Teachers, University of Maine (1983).

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