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How Fast Was the Driver Going Before the Accident?

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I read a bar journal in Maine today that provided some good links of some of the literature that is out there to try to determine how fast a driver was doing at the time of impact in a car accident:

 Baker and Fricke's The Traffic Accident Investigation Manual, Northwestern University Traffic Institute (ed. 1986).

- Thomas Bohan's and Arthur DaMasks' Forensic Accident Investigation Motor Vehicles, (1995), which includes an introduction to vehicle accident physics, speed calculations and computer-generated images.

- Daily's Fundamentals of Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Institute of Police Technology and Management University of North Florida (1988), the text utilized by the state of Maine.

 Watts, Atkinson & Hennessy's Low Speed Automobile Accident Reconstruction and Occupant Kinematics Dynamics and Biomechanics, (1996).

- Armentrout's Physics Applied to Accident Reconstruction, Maine College of Physics Teachers, University of Maine (1983).

Knee Injury Settlements and Verdicts

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Metro Verdicts Monthly's graph this month addresses median settlements and verdicts in knee injury cases in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia since 1987. The median settlement or verdict in Maryland knee surgery cases is $37,500. The medians for Washington, DC and Virginia are $75,000 and $52,500.

I'm not sure why Maryland verdicts and settlement in knee surgery cases are half that of Washington D.C. and it makes me question the data.  As always, I pass this along because I think it is interesting.

Exceptions to Uninsured Motorist Coverage

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There are three possible exceptions to uninsured motorist coverage in Maryland: (1) the "owned but uninsured" exclusion, (2) the owned but otherwise insured exclusion, and (3) the named driver exclusion.   

It is important for Maryland auto accident lawyers to keep in mind there are no other exclusions permitted in Maryland, regardless of what is contained in the client's insurance policy.