Text Messaging for Truck and Bus Drivers

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The Department of Transportation has ordered that commercial trucks and buses from text messaging while driving.  There is no law on the books, this is a rule promulgated by presidential order which, for bus and truck drivers, is as good as a law.   

Congress is also considering new rules to make even stiffer rules for texting while driving.  The laws are largely symbolic. How can you tell if someone is texting, making a phone call, whatever.  The Baltimore Sun recently reported that 25% of teen drivers told researched they sent text messages while driving.  Almost half of all responders indicated they have driving in a car with someone who was texting while driving.  

The new Maryland law that bans texting while driving has been on the books for about 5 months. I don't think there have been many prosecutions but hopefully the message is clear: you cannot text and drive.

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