Maryland Seat Belt Law

| No Comments | No TrackBacks links to a post from Lawrence Journal-World about Kansas' seat belt law. Drivers who are not wearing seat belts can get a ticket only if they are involved in a auto accident pulled over for some other reason.

Maryland's seat belt law does allow for primary enforcement.  Maryland police can give a ticket solely for failing to wear a seat belt (it did not start out that way).  But the fine is only $25.  Another good law that needs a little more teeth.

Two other notes of interest about Maryland seat belt law.  First,  it is not contributory negligence not to wear your seat belt even though it is a misdemeanor crime (and pretty stupid).

 Second, which is purely an interesting, historical vehicles are exempt for seat belt laws.  So if you are going old school, feel free to take your life in your own (or the driver across the double yellow lines) hands. 

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