Value of Ear Injury Auto Accident Lawsuits

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John Bratt's Baltimore Accident Lawyer Blog has a post discussing the value of ear accident cases and an auto accident case in Prince George's County.  

The majority of auto accident cases our lawyers handle in Maryland are cases where the liability is clear.  The battlefield is typically not whether there is value to an auto accident case (although that is in dispute certainly in some cases).  The question is how much is the accident claim worth?   The real value - the true value - is what the amount a judge or jury would place on the case.  So for a jury trial, the true expert in a sense is how much your neighbor would put on the case (if he/she did not know you, of course).

If you are looking for the exact value of your claim on this page, you are invariably going to come up short.  Still, I think it provides a great deal of useful information to understanding the range of value of your case.  At the bottom of the page, it also provides some statistical data in Maryland and nationally on specific types of injuries.  Again, you have to be careful about putting too much reliance on this kind of data.  The value of auto accident claims vary widely even for the same injury because there are so many factors at play.  On of the jobs of a qualified lawyer is to go through these variables to come up with the fair settlement range for your case - and then try to get you more. 

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