Baltimore City Accident Case Affirmed

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The Maryland high court let stand a jury verdict where a Baltimore city judge did not apply the Boulevard Rule as a matter of law in a case where the defendant claimed he pulled out in traffic because he could not see.  

Better law: Maryland drivers have to see what there is to be seen.  If you can't proceed safely, don't pull out.  The court's point of it all this is that it what do you do if you are a driver and can't see.  But, realistically, is that ever the case?  Unless the other driver is driving about a zillion miles an hour, you should be able to pull out. Did he beep his horn and flash his lights while he was pulling out?  If you pull out on another driver who is legally proceeding down the road and you cause and auto accident, you should be responsible.  Maryland law is now hedging on this very fundamental principal. 

Still, I think the interpretation of this case should be limited to inching out cases and not to every single application of the Boulevard Rule in Maryland although you can bet Maryland car accident lawyers for defendants are going to pull this case out in every right-of-way case. 

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